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here we grow s2 - guests: Bobette Schrandt (LACASA) & Anne Renning (Livingston Leadership Council on Aging)
Episode 35 Guest Speakers Bobette Schrandt (LACASA) & Anne Renning (Livingston Leadership Council on Aging)

In this Episode we discuss the the Foguth Financial Diaper Drive and the impact that LACASA Center ( is having on our community. Plus, we speak with Anne Renning from Livingston Leadership Council on Aging (,to%20sit%20on%20this%20Council.) on the impact of the pandemic on our senior community.

Episode Breakdown:

0:45 - Bobette Schrandt (LACASA)
1:00 - The why and what of the diaper drive, going on until August 14m, 2020
2:05 - How has the pandemic affected LACASA Center?
3:00 - What exactly does LACASA Center do?
5:00 - How can someone in need get in touch with LACASA?
5:40 - Possible signs you should be concerned for a child.
12:10 - Anne Renning from Livingston Leadership Council on Aging
12:45 - What has changed since the beginning of the pandemic?
14:10 - How does Livingston Leadership Council on Aging fill the needs of the seniors?
15:50 - What are some of the needs that this council has been created to address in the senior community?
18:40 - What is the council doing to diminish the stigma of substance abuse in elders?
23:20 - A discussion about fall prevention. Subscribe and come back next week!

here we grow s2 - guest: james gray

In this Episode we discuss the impact this pandemic has had on a local business owner, James Gray. James owns the Institute of Athletics: in Brighton, Mi. During the pandemic, James made headlines for defying the governor's executive order and re-opening his gym. Find out all that lead up to this decision and what the results have been since.

Episode Breakdown:

2:02 - What did the shut down mean to James as a business owner, coach, trainer, and family man?
4:20 What exactly is the Institute of Athletics?
6:50 - Who trains at Institute of Athletics?
9:15 - James walks us through his process of determining he was going to re-open the gym.
15:54 - What type of backlash has James seen from the decision he made?
20:00 James discusses what his gym is doing to help law enforcement during this time of unrest.

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here we grow s2 - guest: mark uyl, mhsaa

In this Episode we discuss the community impact this pandemic has had on youth sports and what the fall seasons might look like.

Episode Breakdown:

1:20 - What is the state of HS sports like today?
4:00 What are Mark's thoughts on restructuring fall sport seasons?
8:00 - Can students play if there is not in person learning?
11:00 - Do spectators fall under MHSAA to restrict or is that the individual schools?
14:20 - What can athletes do to help get back on the field?
16:30 - Could HS sports play outside of the school year?
18:00 Is there a way to limit the contact of sports?
20:00 - What can parents do to help their kids get back to a sense of normality?
23:00 Does Mark foresee a situation where UP sports will have full seasons and LP teams may not?
25:00 - What might be some implications on records and championships?

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here we grow s2 - guest: mike murphy

In this Episode we discuss the community impact this pandemic has had on law enforcement, as well as, the unrest in our county and what law enforcement has been doing to keep us all safe.

Episode Breakdown:

1:30 - Update on how the Livingston County Sheriff's office has handled the shift in policies from Covid-19.
2:30 - Who is sheriff Murphy?
4:15 - What is the current state of Livingston County?
11:30 - How has Covid-19 impacted our law enforcement?
16:00 - How can we best react to changes from day to day with information on the state of our community?
19:45 - What is the best way for the public to make an impact when we want to make our voice heard?
24:15 - What does law enforcement want from us?
26:00 - Where does Sheriff Murphy's passion come from?

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